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Мария Бакалова Снимка Фейсбук профил
Мария Бакалова Снимка Фейсбук профил

Мария Бакалова: Честито Освобождение, скъпи БЪЛГАРИ. Горда съм, че съм БЪЛГАРКА! Обичам ви! - това написа във фейсбук профила си актрисата Мария Бакалова, заедно с илюстрации от битката на Шипка.

Тя прибави и пост на английски: 

Happy Liberation Day, Bulgaria! We celebrate the lives of the fallen freedom fighters at the Shipka Monument. 143 years since one of the greatest battles in world history The Defense of Eagle’s Nest - comparable to the Battle of Thermopylae (The Hot Gates). The crucial moment came in August 1877, when a group of 5,000 Bulgarian volunteers and 2,500 Russian troops repulsed an attack against the peak by a nearly 40,000 strong Ottoman army.
When they ran out of bullets, they started throwing rocks, when there weren’t any rocks left they started throwing the dead. As Ivan Vazov’s epic goes: “Grab hold of the bodies!" they hear a voice crying,
At once through the air lifeless corpses are flying,
And over the hordes like black devils they dive
And tumble and roll as if they were alive!
The Turks quake and tremble, not having seen ever
The living and dead fight a battle together.”